Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i die.

The Rachel Zoe Project has got to be my favorite show right now!
It makes we want to be glamorous, play with clothes, hair makeup. and SHOP!

I adore every person on this show (even Taylor....with out that 'tude for everyone to roll their eyes at...we'd be missing something) :) Bowties absolutely have a new stylistic respect from me.

These sunnies are bananas :)
I so hope that this season is longer than the 5 episodes last season. Since it's began, I've been pouring through Vogue and InStyle. Even Craig is enjoying it...even though I think he's enjoying all the pretty girls in the magazines. But he made a point to tell me that the only girl pictures he has in the truck are me :) He does make me feel beautiful and glamorous.

So...if you see me wearing some funky clothes, sporting some red lipstick & hats, please forgive me...I have become a Zoe-bot.

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