Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boot Sale!!

Hey all y'all!
If you are looking for some fabulous deals on some killer boots....
I Heart Shoes is having a sale for 20% off all boots!
just mention you saw this on my blog.
Check out some of these cute styles...

A couple Jessica Simpsons...

super soft and comfy Rocket Dogs... And these from Betseyville...i die.
These look super cute with jeans too (and are VERY comfy!)

and p.s.....there will be an upcoming sale on other shoes coming up...I'll keep you posted!

they may be in michigan...

...but this cake is so adorable! I had to share.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my lil' sis.

My sister, Jen, is a super fabulous woman.
She is stylish, fun-loving and would do anything for her family.
She's getting married to the love of her life. :) He smiles like that all the time :)
She is super talented...(especially after a couple drinks, teasing...really she is more talented than she thinks). She's playing her own rendition of chopsticks above.
She's a bit of a diva, but completely humble.
And she is not afraid to get a little bit dorky with her big sis.

She is a beautiful girl, and doesn't even know how beautiful.
I loves you sissy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

yummy goodness.

Happiness is...Reddiwip only having 1 carb per serving.
I am so happy to have a sweet treat, of course I can't down the entire can (which is entirely possible), but it gives me a little decadence when I need it. Rumor has it that they have a chocolate flavor...wonder about the carbs on that one.
This picture pretty much demonstrates the only effective way Craig can deal with my extreme moodiness lately. That and a Craig hug and kiss (that's my favorite).'s to Reddiwip, allowing me, a meat and cheese eater, to keep my sanity.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My addictions!

I am finally remember to do this...thanks girls!
I was tagged by Miss Susanne.
So these are 5 things I am currently addicted to....

1. Craig...always.

2. Facebook, Myspace & Blogs... of course!

3. Paint Chips

4. Craig's fleece pajama bottoms, his fuzzy socks and fuzzy blanket (I die, no pic available)

5. Decorating. I need to do this more, but I think about it constantly. I love.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i owe an apology.

To Craig.
I have been a pill lately.
At the drop of a hat my mood can turn from great to bad.
I'm frazzled, at wits end and seems like when I want to have a pity party I have no problem digging myself into that hole.
I've been negative.
Thinking of all the things I can't have yet.
Frustrated with myself and then getting more frustrated and disappointed with myself for acting that way.
I know it bothers him when he sees me sad.

I'm so sorry babe. I will be better.
I love you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm thinkin...

I think I need to start a wedding inspiration binder. I am helping my sister a lot with her wedding for this August and Craig and I's...well who knows when. I need to start tucking stuff away because I am loosing things and not thinking straight.
I'm thinking something like Donna Downey's inspirations journals...

or an inspiration board...this one was from flickr.
I'm hungry. I want a... :(


Miss Anne has a super cute giveaway! It totally makes me excited for all the cute Valentine's Day stuff. Make sure you check out her blog (if you aren't a rockstar follower already). She is amazing. Inspiring and such a sweetie.
Here is the LINK.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

attn: pay it forward winners.

Oh my goodness. I am such a slacker sometimes.
I wanted to let my Pay It Forward giveaway winners (Anne, Angela, Kambria and Sunny) that I have not forgotten about you! :)
Things got crazier than I thought this year (primarily due to being stranded because of the snow). I am back on the mission and you should be hearing from me soon :)
P.S. on a good note my pants got a little tight over the holidays (thats not the good part), but this morning I put on one of the tight pairs and it is feeling more normal again! YAY! It's amazing what 5 lbs can do. (Remind me of this when I start griping) :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 my limit.

I am completely unmotivated.
I have put all my energy into diet and trying not to drink diet pop (successful so far) that I have zero motivation for anything else.
Forget Exercise. Can't do it. Too tired.

I seriously just want to go home, pull the covers over my head and sleep. How selfish is that?!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Amanda Seyfried's hair and makeup were amazing at the Golden Globes! Not a super fan of the dress. It looks like it doesn't fit her quite right.Definately will be looking into how to duplicate this look (the, I would need to add some)
p.s. I can't stand to watch the award shows, I just LOVE looking at all the photographs.

burn baby burn.

It is gone. Demolishion complete.
Craig's friends burnt a portion of the old deck when they built us a new one, but there was still alot of wood left behind. That was today's task.
Craig is a firemaster.

Getting a little airflow on the fire.

He's hot.

our buddies.

We have a group of four deer that we see wonder from Craig's parents past the side of our house.
Today there was contemplation on how to get them on our dinner plates, but that is an entirely different subject. Yum, venison...when it's butchered right...if not, yuck, gamey....okay I am going off on that other subject.
Anyhow, it was nice to see them during the day. Craig and I just stare out the window like little kids when they come by. We heart them. Also, while in the deer mood. I thought I'd share a couple super cute finds from etsy.
Linocut Print Tea Towels from artgoodies...

Printable Deer Stationary from alidesign...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i die.

I found these wedding ideas on Style Me of the best wedding blogs I have found!
I just die.
I really like the idea of having pizza...different, casual and most everyone likes it...and it's my favorite. Why not have your favorite? Or burgers...yum.

I also love this woody natural look. Not fussy...I don't like fussy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

two engagements.

My sister and I are both engaged. Hope this doesn't get tricky. :)


I love Ruby. She is a spectacular person with such a welcoming personality.
She has a show on the Style Network documenting her weightloss journey. She started out at over 400 lbs and has lost 104 lbs in 7 months with a strict diet and exercise. Amazing.
She is an inpiration to me. I get discouraged when I think of the amount of weight I want to loose and she still has a goal of loosing more than I weigh now. She gives me the motivaton to keep on truckin' and finally overcome this battle I've been fighting for as long as I can remember.

Here is an exerpt from her most recent blog post...

Hi, y'all!
It is the finale for the first season, and yes, I will let you follow along my journey till the end. Can you believe it? In seven months, I have lost 104 pounds! That averages out to be about 14 pounds a month; that is 1 pound every two to three days. YAY! I am hacky wacky about it. I still have over 200 pounds more to lose! WOW!
But I am determined to win for me and you! It is the hardest battle of my life. But this is the battle for my life. For the first time, I really got it! I really got it that this was killing—and will kill—me. It is not only about the weight, y'all, it's what having 10 to 100, to 200, to 300 extra pounds will do to you. The scary thing to me, even knowing this, is that I have to fight to beat this. This is an addiction!
Check this out for more info.
Now get down with your bad self and get all hacky wacky. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tonight's plans.

I think I'm going to do some freshening up! After taking down all the Christmas stuff, I feel like I have a clean slate to work with.I am going to get some white paint and repaint the kitchen cupboards and anywhere else white that needs sprucing up. I want to paint the living room, but I'm not sure what color I want. Something fairly basic, but warm and cozy. One wall is going to stay white though...hmm, any thoughts? Something that will go with a candy apple green color...thinking. thinking.

Monday, January 5, 2009

And it Begins Again.

The holidays kicked my rear this year. It's time to begin focusing on my fitness. I know everyone starts diets at the new year, but I've got a goal in be a fit bride....and of course babies to follow. :) I'm gettin' going on the Atkin's diet again...I know, I know, but it works for me and the weight stays off. I do well with this one because it's easy to do with Craig. We can support each other.

So...this is my next however many months...
And you can't forget this...

or this...

Wish me luck...and if anyone has some awesome Atkin's recipes...send them on over :)Tonight...hamburgers (sans bun) and a salad.

wedding planning bug. we're engaged. Now what?
I am so pumped to have a little wedding to plan for, problem is I need some big questions figured out before I can start the fun stuff.
When and where?...These questions are not getting answered.

Things I know...
1. We want a SMALL wedding (still talking with Craig on what "small" is)
2. We DO NOT want it to cost a lot of money (in fact I want it to cost very little)
3. I want it stress free and casual as possible
4. I want Craig to be happy about planning...well I just want him to be happy :)

I love this idea...cupcakes and sprinkles. :)

I am pretty certain that I have picked out my dress though... (who does this?)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

melody and chris are married!

This weekend Craig and I packed up and headed to Bend for the wedding of my dear friends, Melody and Chris.The wedding was at the Great Hall in Sunriver...beautiful.
They were so happy. The wedding was amazing and we busted a major groove and now I am exhausted and sore. Dancing in heels for hours is a major work out for your thighs! ugh! Craig came to my rescue and took off his socks, so I could dance in them. He's such my rockstar.
plus...we got to stop by Drake Park in Bend and say hey to the ducks.

We got home today and had an amazing surprise. Two of Craig's good friends came over while we were gone and rebuilt our front porch deck...what a couple of amazing friends! We are so thankful. :)