Wednesday, January 14, 2009

attn: pay it forward winners.

Oh my goodness. I am such a slacker sometimes.
I wanted to let my Pay It Forward giveaway winners (Anne, Angela, Kambria and Sunny) that I have not forgotten about you! :)
Things got crazier than I thought this year (primarily due to being stranded because of the snow). I am back on the mission and you should be hearing from me soon :)
P.S. on a good note my pants got a little tight over the holidays (thats not the good part), but this morning I put on one of the tight pairs and it is feeling more normal again! YAY! It's amazing what 5 lbs can do. (Remind me of this when I start griping) :)

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Susanne P. said...

yay on the 5 pounds! wtg!