Sunday, January 4, 2009

melody and chris are married!

This weekend Craig and I packed up and headed to Bend for the wedding of my dear friends, Melody and Chris.The wedding was at the Great Hall in Sunriver...beautiful.
They were so happy. The wedding was amazing and we busted a major groove and now I am exhausted and sore. Dancing in heels for hours is a major work out for your thighs! ugh! Craig came to my rescue and took off his socks, so I could dance in them. He's such my rockstar.
plus...we got to stop by Drake Park in Bend and say hey to the ducks.

We got home today and had an amazing surprise. Two of Craig's good friends came over while we were gone and rebuilt our front porch deck...what a couple of amazing friends! We are so thankful. :)

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Miss Anne said...

i LOVE the great hall! we have our annual company meeting there every summer! i can't even fathom how beautiful it was for a wedding!!!

:) congrats again little lady! it'll be you soon!

:) happy new year!