Sunday, December 28, 2008

through the lens.

I am so stinkin' spoiled.
Not only did I get a beautiful ring for Christmas *sigh* :), I got an amazing lens for my camera from my parents. I was like a kid in a candy store. It was a nikkor lens...55-200.

I am really excited because I'll get to take better pictures of all the animals and birds. I took the one above through my kitchen window. I can't wait for the deer to come out. (they are only sneaking around at night right now...stinkers!)
I also got a million hair products from my sister, so my hair is finally looking hot when I do it!...and a hot purse and lots of earrings. Craig's parents spoiled me and got me gloves, socks, pencil holder and an Ikea gift card. :) I can't wait to go shopping. I am totally spoiled.
Craig also got me adorable owl and moon sterling silver earrings. He jokes saying they are my "vampire earrings" since I am so into the Twilight series...which I finished...sad, I want there to be more books.

Thank you so much to everyone! This Christmas has been the best ever...just like Craig promised :)

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Miss Anne said...

you two just sparkle.

i'm so happy for you.