Wednesday, December 3, 2008

holiday sillouette.

I love this project I found on Project:Domestic Bliss. Nikki found this sillouette in Ballard Design and decided she could make it.
She used simple and inexpensive pieces; such as red and white posterboard and canvas frame sides.

Ballard Design: $60.95

Project:Domestic Bliss: $9.53
Follow the link to Nikki's site above to get step by step instructions. She also has joined a group "Nifty Under 50" It's a challenge to create all her Christmas gifts for under 50 bucks! If you email her, she will send you a link to her "secret site."

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Miss Anne said...

i loved this project too! and as SOON as i have a few extra minutes would love to make it!.. you know after working 10+ hrs a day, laundry, dinner, sewing gifts for xmas, and trying to keep up with my DVR... oh ya and sleep!