Friday, December 19, 2008

tacos for dinner.

This is my "backyard." I'm stuck at home...I don't think I can complain. Craig left for the day to go play in the snow with his friends (he's 4-wheeling...not snowman building, he'd probably want me to include that) :). Crystal Cat and I decided to go for a walk. She followed me out the backdoor and was very careful to walk in my footprints. She is now snuggled up on a pile of 3 blankets in the living room...she's living the life.
I got some baking done today (Sugar Cookies and Molasses).
I really want to go to town to get some dragees. I still need to decorate my cookies and I heart dragees.
Now I need to get some housework done, but I am completely uninspired.
Oh, and I'm happy...tacos for dinner.


Missy said...

tacos for dinner sound delish. And you have a fab view!! I am baking tomorrow. Sugar cookies!

Susanne P. said...

i have sugar cookies on the agenda today, too.

what a beautiful cat! cats are my fave.