Monday, January 5, 2009

And it Begins Again.

The holidays kicked my rear this year. It's time to begin focusing on my fitness. I know everyone starts diets at the new year, but I've got a goal in be a fit bride....and of course babies to follow. :) I'm gettin' going on the Atkin's diet again...I know, I know, but it works for me and the weight stays off. I do well with this one because it's easy to do with Craig. We can support each other.

So...this is my next however many months...
And you can't forget this...

or this...

Wish me luck...and if anyone has some awesome Atkin's recipes...send them on over :)Tonight...hamburgers (sans bun) and a salad.


Miss Anne said...

Yay for YOU!

J does Atkins/South Beach and I've got some super sweet recipes to share with you!

I'll tell ya about them the next time i see ya!

you avail next sunday to get together??


Missy said...

Good girl. I am also recommitting. I am going to do weight watchers "core" again. Very similar to atkins. WE CAN DO IT, YES WE CAN!