Monday, January 5, 2009

wedding planning bug. we're engaged. Now what?
I am so pumped to have a little wedding to plan for, problem is I need some big questions figured out before I can start the fun stuff.
When and where?...These questions are not getting answered.

Things I know...
1. We want a SMALL wedding (still talking with Craig on what "small" is)
2. We DO NOT want it to cost a lot of money (in fact I want it to cost very little)
3. I want it stress free and casual as possible
4. I want Craig to be happy about planning...well I just want him to be happy :)

I love this idea...cupcakes and sprinkles. :)

I am pretty certain that I have picked out my dress though... (who does this?)


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a perfect wedding - small, casual and stress free. The way it should be!

Miss Anne said...

a) where'd you find the picture of my dress????? i thought it was an original!!!!!!!!!!


b) i love the cupcake idea!

Missy said...

I thought this WAS your dress? You are going to be a hot momma, so you could pull it off. Small and casual sounds GREAT! As long as I am included in the "small" guest list. hee hee.