Monday, November 2, 2009


If you are reading this, you've been tagged. Copy these questions and post the answers in your blog. It's a bit cheesy, but a time waster (if you're looking for one).
1. Where is your cell phone: in my purse...I lose it throughout the day numerous times...2. Your hair: is frizzy and hasn't been getting the daily styling attention it must be getting tired of ponytails. I would die to have this gals hair...I love her style (especially clothes...this pic does not show her cuteness!) 3. Your mother:
is awesome and has a beautiful heart...and she's a hottie and doesn't even know it :) 4. Your father:
has dimples just like mine and gets as politically charged as Craig.
5. Your favorite food:
pizza...hands down. 6. Your dream from last night:
I barely slept last night...not enough time to dream. Been dreaming of tornados lately...hmm 7. Your favorite drink:
Diet Coke/Pepsi/Mt. Dew. If we aren't talking calories though, I love Chai Lattes (with maybe a pumpkin twist), hot apple cider and this time of year, start cravin' the egg nog :) 8. Your dream/goal:
to be the best wife and mommy I can be. 9. What room are you in:
dining room/office
10. What is your hobby:
I love to bake (which goes on hiatus with dieting), decorating...especially for the holidays, making little things, trying to make people feel special and just enjoying my simple, lovely little life. 11. What is your fear:
anyone I love being hurt or in pain.
12. Where were you last night:
chillin' with my hubs 13. Something you are not:
a liberal
14. Muffins:
are so yummy...i like the tops the best. I always save it for last :) ...but to clarify I'm not a fan of my own muffin top...grrr!
15. Wish list items:
a Wii, a house, a baby, an amazing work from home be my own boss job (for when I have those babies), and happiness for everyone :)
16. Where did you grow up:
Albany, OR
17. Last thing you did:
kicked Craig's butt at Dr. Mario...and then farmed on Farmville :) 18. What are you wearing:
my way to big Old Navy pjs, Boys & Girls Club t-shirt, and OSU fleece.
19. Your TV:
is old, and I want to get a new one...with my wii. I have big dreams :)
20. Your pets:
I love my kitty :)
I also want...a mini-kitty :)....
21. Your friends:
are amazing. I am blessed.
22. Your life:
is a bundle of sweetness
23. Your mood:
anxious...been anxious a lot lately :P
24. Missing someone:
Craig...he was really sweet today and now he's sleeping....I feel like I didn't see him much today.
25. Vehicle:
camry 26. Something you’re not wearing:
a tiara
27. Your favorite store:'s Target <>28. Your favorite color:
i can't pick a favorite...i love them all :) 29. When’s the last time you laughed:
today :)
30. When’s the last time you cried:
This morning (anxious/anxiety...nothing really bad happened...i'm just a crazy girl)
31. Your best friend:
has such a beautiful heart. :) I love him. 32. One place you go over and over:
to see Ellie :)
33. One person who emails me regularly:
mainly work people...even if it's just fun mail :)
34. Favorite place to eat:
at home, when it's warm and cozy.
35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:
Still growing and going wherever I'm supposed to be.

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