Friday, February 20, 2009

another new beginning.

Ok...the Atkin's thing has run it's course with me.
I have had literally a 2 lb success in 2 months.
I can't keep it up for that. My body is just not responding.
Craig has had success and I am so proud of him! He looks HOT! :)
So I am a BIG fan of not counting. I do not like diets where you have to be meticulous of counting points, calories, fat grams. I think about it too much when I do those, and simply lose my mind!
I'm starting Medifast.

It's a drastic cut in calories. The minimum you can take in and still be healthy.
There is no counting, nothing.
You used to only be able to get it from the doctor as a prescription (due to the low calories), but now they have approved it without (I don't know how long that's been, but new to me).
I am very excited. I think this could be it for me.
You get 5 of their "meals" a day...bars, soup, oatmeal, etc and then you eat a "lean and green" meal for dinner. Chicken breast and salad for example.
Looking at success stories (on their discussion board...not ads...and people that have done it locally that I know, or word of mouth) are EXTREMELY successful.
On average people loose 5-7 in the first week (normal for a diet change), but some loose up to 12, that would be AMAZING, but def not counting on it. The average after that is 2-5 lbs a week.
I ordered my first set last night. The lady I order it from has lost 39 lbs since August. (If you order it from a local "Health Coach" you get a discount).
So, wish me luck! I get my first shipment next week.
(and watch out around then...I may be a little cranky) :)


Sunny and Darrin said...

Best of luck Jessie! Keep up updated on your success because I know that you will be successful! By the way, you are HOT too!

Kambria said...

i think we need to take pictures once a week by the door to keep up with your progress!

Jessie said...

I agree...that would be great. I got back my picture. I just look like a shoulders are all broad and weird. It was NOT flattering :)

Missy said...

I know a lady who lost 80 lbs. and looks FAB!!! She loves it and says it changed her life. Can' wait to see your progress :)