Friday, February 13, 2009

my lipgloss is poppin'

So I went shopping today, on a mission to find fabulous tops. No such luck.
Well, I did find one, it wasn't on sale, so I couldn't justify it.
I may have to go back to get it. I think I will wear it with a little black cardigan and some black flats for Craig n' my pictures.
I did, however, remember to bring my empty MAC Cosmetics containers. If you bring 6 empty containers into them, you get a free lipstick. Well, I had 12! I got 2!! :) I got 3-D (my daily stick) and bombshell...a fantastic pale pink.
I also could not resist some new gloss...

MAC has teamed up with Hello Kitty for a new line. Love. Love. Love.

I got Nice Kitty. Totally bright hot pink and it's fantastic. I am seeing more and more the neon pink lipstick look (this isn't quite that intense).
I also got a new friend for an early Valentine's present. I love him. :)
You can't tell in this pic, but that little blue thing on his head...well it's wings to a honeybee :) love.

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Susanne P. said...

missy and i were just talking about the MAC counter and the MAC stores on thursday. i love them. i haven't had any new MAC cosmetics in ages. maybe that's what i will ask for on my next bday.

it looks/sounds like you got yourself some cool stuff.