Sunday, March 15, 2009

makeover and roses.

I have been a bad blogger. Nothing really to blog about. Work is super busy, life is just chugging away....along with the dieting.
I've been slowly changing our bathroom. The challenge: orangish-brown linoleum, 1960s yellow shower, tub, toilet & sink and a faux marblish looking countertop. What to do?
I decided to stay in the warm family and went with an antique dirty red color. Wow...that's a lot of color! (and lots of coats!). I also added new drawer pulls & a stencil. Much better, but still need to get the new accessories thing goin' on and scrape some paint off the window. I'm also going to make a little curtain to hide our storage mess under the counter. Oh! And change that last drawer handle...I can't find the screwdriver!

Craig is so wonderful. He surprised me at work on Friday with a dozen roses. :) I love him :)


Sunny and Darrin said...

Jessie! It looks great...way to go with working with what you have! My redo of my bathroom was done with the same thoughts...just go with what I got and it didn't turn out half bad! Love it!!

Susanne P. said...

i agree with sunny, love how you worked with what you have. it's hard to go with the older colors and style.

i love the color!