Tuesday, June 9, 2009

can't stop.

I can't stop going, going, going. I feel like I should have kids in sports. I feel like I'm running around all over the place. I need to stop. I'm tired.

Here are a couple pics of where I've been going....My beautiful mama and I at Ladies Night Out at the BGC of A! (I had to change it to black and white becasue I was a lovely glowing red color from the sun earlier) :)

The crew at the Middle School Blast from the Past Dance....we are missing a few fabulous members, but we look pretty hot none-the-less. Gotta love Amy's "wings."

There have been other things gone, mainly in the name of wedding(s). I am looking forward to Saturday. I am keeping my calendar clear. I feel like I haven't seen Craig in forever! :) After tomorrow's dinner event at work, the rest of the week will be downhill. (yay!)

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Miss Anne said...

I ♥ UGLY Dolls... ( I have 5) :)


gorgeous girl!

glad to hear the GNO went great!