Friday, June 5, 2009

slow and steady.

So, I don't want to get into the habit of this being a weightloss blog, but I hit a milestone this morning...yay! down 30 lbs!
I am so ready to keep this up. It has been slow and steady. The healthy average of about 2 lbs a week. Weight I'm going to keep off. And let me tell you, slow and steady adds up!!
The weightloss slowed in the middle of May and I was frustrated, but I busted through that plateau like a champion and we are rolling again.
4 months until wedding.
I've gotta get hot!
(Craig and I have a little friendly competition going...he wants to look hot for the wedding too! Maybe I need to wager a little bet) :)


Sunny and Darrin said...

Awesome Jessie! I am so proud of you and you are going to be "HOT" at the wedding!

Missy said...

Jessie-what a milestone. Congrats. 30 pounds gone forever. Keep it up. I know its hard but keep focused. Wedding. Wedding. Wedding.