Sunday, July 5, 2009

my achin' back.

This weekend, Craig and I headed to Winchester Bay to the dunes.
He rides atvs...I don't.
I love that he does. I think it is definately part of his "hot factor."
I would love to be good at it...problem is. I'm a chicken.
Craig was of course a genius with the fire.

The only other photographic evidence of where I was this weekend, is Craig's friends attempting weelies in Paul's Rhino.

There was minor success. :)
Unfortunately, the entire weekend I was plagued with a bad back. It hurt to get in and out of the car and walking around on sand didn't help. The only relief I got was laying on the air mattress for awhile. I'd go a couple hours and have to lay down again.

{I am thinking a doctor's trip is coming up. Barely walking...not working.}
I love camping. I love tent camping, but I'm thinking that I would love to find an old Airstream Trailer and re-decorate the inside, while Craig polishes the outside. To have a toilet with me would make all my {camping} heart desires come true :)

{If anyone happens to know someone selling an old Airstream...pass the info along}

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