Tuesday, April 14, 2009

60 lbs.

So since my heaviest I have lost 60 lbs.

This has been over the course of a few years...so yes, I need to remind myself what I have accomplished....and that a pound here....a pound there truly adds up.
I wish I had a picture to post at my heaviest, but I have an almost halfway picture. I think the only picture I had at my heaviest was on my sisters computer and it crashed. I couldn't believe how I looked when I saw it after I had lost some weight.

(yuck...I hate this pic) :P
Here is a sort of now picture...do I have one?? Well this is from October...I've lost about 15 lbs since then.

Ok...so neither of these pictures are the most body revealing, but hey...I see a difference, and I think I look more "normal" here. :) I can't imagine what 50 more lbs will do.

I found this website where you can plug in the weight you lost or weight you need to loose and see how much it is in other "measurements." Here is my 60 lbs....

You entered 60 pounds (27 kilograms).
60 pounds is the average weight of a 8-year old boy.
How Much Fuel Is That?
To lose that amount of fat would mean to burn 210,000 calories or 878,640 KiloJoules! That is the equivalent of 6.83 gallons of gasoline. Humans, however, are far more efficient than cars, getting about 912 "miles to the gallon". If you could dump this many calories into the tank of a Honda Civic, you would be able to drive it about 230 miles before running out of gas!
Let's see how your goal would convert to other forms of fuel. 210,000 calories is equivalent to:
6.83 gallons of gasoline, or
75.04 pounds of coal, or
104.25 pounds of oven-dried wood, or
9.23 gallons of propane
This amount of energy would ...
Brew about 586 pots of coffee, or
Light a 60-watt light bulb for 4,068 hours ( 169 days = 0.53 years)
Cutting 210,000 calories is the same as saying "no" to:
2,625 apples, or
2,100 bananas, or
12,353 cups of cabbage (whew!), or
1,448 baked potatoes, or
2,625 large eggs, or
1,750 cups of 2% milk, or
151 pounds of ground beef, or
2,414 glasses of wine, or
650 Snickers bars, or
875 Clif Bars ( 1,167 Luna Bars), or
1,511 cans of Coke, or
1,235 pints of Guinness beer, or
427 Big Macs, or
408 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, or
300 Whoppers, or
636 Subway 6" Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sandwiches, or
1,235 Taco Bell crunchy tacos, or
894 slices of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut
What it Takes to Burn 210,000 Calories
To burn 210,000 calories, a 190 pound male would have to:
Backpack for 348 hours (14 days) nonstop, or
Walk for 805 hours (34 days) at 3 mph straight, or
Walk 2,414 miles (1,509 kilometers), or
Bike for 609 hours (25 days) at 10 mph, or
Bike 6,087 miles (3,804 kilometers), or
Play basketball nonstop for 335 hours 14 days), or
Play billiards for 972 hours (41 days), or
Go bowling for 811 hours (34 days), or
Stay on the golf course for 609 hours (25 days), or
Spend 271 hours (11 days) playing competitive football, or
Jump rope for 256 hours (11 days) straight!
You would have to walk the length of England about 4.03 times to burn 210,000 calories.

This definately puts in perspective what I've accomplished and *gasp* what I'm still going to accomplish :) It's a long road, but I'll get to the end eventually.


Miss Anne said...

I'm so dang proud of you!!!


Susanne P. said...

that is a big change. and you look fabulous! keep it up...you will get there.

and BTW i think i might be the ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE THAT PIC OF US!!!

does anyone have it at an un-cropped size?

Jessie said...

I think Missy has it :)