Thursday, April 30, 2009

graphics freak.

So since we are getting closer to nailing down the wedding date, I have been dreaming of invitations. I loooove invitations and I want to design ours.
I was thinking it would be super cute to find a cute deer sillouette.
Have it really woodsy, cute, country.
I seriously was thinking about this just today.
Then I went to and voila...there were these...
I love this little deer. I was thinking of a solid red heart somewhere rather than the flower.
Ahh, I am so ready to get designing on these suckers :)
The girl who did these invitations was designing them for her wedding. She signed up for a letterpress class! I SO wish we had that around here.
Letterpress is amazing!

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Lindsey said...

Very cool!!!

Thanks so much for the info on your diet, man that sounds really tough! Hats off to you!!