Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday was such a great day...well besides a few "diet breakdowns"
Craig decided it was too nice to stay home, so he took me to lunch at Applebee's.
Then we headed to Peavey Arboretum to have a little hiking fun.
I didn't know that they had logging competitions there.
We stopped by Winco- got a few things.
Then went home.
We still decided it was too nice to stay inside, so Craig was a good sport and did a little bit of lounging in the sun on a blanket in the side field.
One of these guys tried to sneak up on us!...

After a bit Craig asked if I wanted to go for a little ride on his 4-wheeler up to the top of the hill. We chased a deer...It reminded me a bit of the whole Twilight opening sequence plus 4 wheels.
On the way back we stopped at the pond and watched for frogs. Craig caught one! He was itty bitty...I am so sad I didn't have my camera. I held him, but I am a typical girl that I squealed and dropped the poor thing when it moved just a little.

Overall..great day. :) Thanks babe!

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