Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of Month 3.

I have got to say...time is flying.

I just finished my 3rd month of Medifast.

For a diet program/lifestyle change, it has been really do-able.

My monthly goal is 10 lbs a month and I'm shy about 2 lbs for this month. I am not complaining at all! It was a hard month to get going and the back half of the month my weight started moving again.

So, my goal was to be at negative 30 lbs by today and I'm at 28. That's a pretty darned good percentage if I do say so myself.

Today, I'm tired, bored (since I've been go go go at work and now it's slowing) and really wish it was 10 degrees warmer.
I'm craving "out to dinner." Mexican. I'm thinking it's a celebration day and I will allow myself this margaritas about loaded calories!! :)
Tomorrow back to devoted dieter. I have a wedding to get hot for...not to mention for what I purchased yesterday! YIKES! :)
I am thrilled...the fabulous Angela Cardas is available to be our wedding photographer (speaking of which...I need to email you Angela!)...she did our great engagement pics...

I started Medifast the day of our engagement shoot...or the day before.
28 lbs heavier does not seem that long ago.
p.s....kam, those are my saggy butt jeans :)
I would take a picture of me today, but I look like el crap-o and sprucing myself up sounds like way too much energy.

Laters :)


Miss Anne said...

*doin' a little dance*

way to go sugar!!!

nice work!

Susanne P. said...

that is awesome! keep it up....a hot bride is on the way.

angela will do an awesome job for you. she is a wedding pro.

Missy said...

Ummmm... you look awesome in this pic. yeah, I know those jeans :) time to throw them out!