Thursday, May 7, 2009

i heart shoes blog!!

Hey everyone!!
My sister's shop has started a new blog! Please add her to your list and start following her :)
She will have updates on merchandise and sales...and specials you can only get by checking out her blog. She'll also have some style and fashion tips.

Remember how important it is to shop local and support our community.
It's a difficult time, and these little shops need support.


Kambria said...

it's only for invited readers.:(

you need to show her how to fix that little miss jessie.....

can't wait to have a new blog to follow....

Miss Anne said...

tried to go there.
she's got a private blog.

:( boo!

Missy said...

Love them all. Want them all. Maybe I will run down there today. I really want the "gladiator wedges". LOVE.

Missy said...

jessie. check out this link. you will die. when you have a baby you need this themed baby shower.

oh, and I posted a link to your sisters blog from mine! :)