Monday, May 11, 2009

mobile home remodel.

Maybe Craig and I should just remodel the mobile home.

Totally Kidding... :)
This is actually a "green" mobile home and probably costs a ridiculous amount. You can power it all for a dollar a day. I saw it on yahoo's homepage.

Yesterday was so fabulous. Craig and I spontaniously began gutting out all of our junk...boxes, a mattress, etc. I can't believe the room we have Christmas stuff actually fits in the closet! Throughout this week I'll be doing some deep cleaning. If it was warmer I'd rent a carpet cleaner, but that's a summertime job in my opinion.

Next step...get rid of the 1987 couch...this is also a summer job. It's so big we have to take out our front window. :) I will be so happy when that day comes...maybe we can burn it. :)

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