Friday, May 15, 2009

lovely blog.

I found an absolutely lovely blog that I found this picture on...if you love unique, design, art, fashion, you've got to check it out...Design is Mine. I love it!
Craig is being super supportive of my creative abilities lately.
He is dead-set on me entering something in the Benton County Fair. So cute.
He was demanding (in a nice way) that I paint something, take a photo, draw with oil pastels...he didn't care, he just wants me to create :)
I love him.

So this weekend...I am preparing for my new artistic adventures. I am going to try not to be afraid and have fun with it. (I sometimes am afraid because I can be fairly critical, and don't know if I can "live" up to my standards).

I think this weekend. I will create my space. I was thinking of going creamsicle...bright pop of orange on 2 walls and white on the others. I should probably use the paint I have first though...a dirty pale blue...that might be nice. :)

I'm excited.


Cardas Photography said...

There is a show on HGTV called Color Splash... and the guy very often does this painting technique where he does three shades of color and blends them together using a dry brush - it looks SO cool!! Going from Dark Orange on the bottom to white at the ceiling would look awesome!!

Cardas Photography said...

You can see it a little on this one with yellow to orange:,1000145,HGTV_32663_3161_13202-20904,00.html

I don't like the line through the middle, but you get the idea :)