Tuesday, September 16, 2008

crawlin' back on the wagon.

Yes, after the Thursday 5:45 pm Weight Watchers Meeting at the Foursquare Church in Corvallis...and am beginning the journey to become an even hotter version of me...Keep me in line ladies! I'm going to be using my blog a bit as a support...but not that annoying all I can talk about dieting kinda thing :)
This program is great and definately do-able. I have an amazing support in Craig who loves me and thinks I'm beautiful no matter what size I am.

This is me...a year from now...(don't worry...I will refrain from wearing this to work...but at home...its the bikini & see through t-shirt all day long)....good thing I live in the country!

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Missy said...

You go girl. It must be the time to get back on track. I too am starting back on the program today as a matter of fact. I did great today. I LOVE your "after" pic. I am jealous :)