Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have been tagged by the fabulous Kambria!

Ok...7 weird/random facts about myself....

fact no. 1: I like Totino's pizza, Ramen Noodles and other cheap crap food like that :)
fact no. 2: I am horrible about starting projects (buying all the stuff) and then not finishing them.
fact no. 3: I am scared of opposums...and clowns!
fact no. 4: I hate it when people use "z"s at the end of a word,
where there should be an "s"; Kidz.
fact no. 5: I yell at the TV when I'm watching football.
fact no. 6: Tomatos gross me out, but I can eat anything made out of tomatoes.
fact no. 7: I get really excited when its time to pick out Christmas wrapping paper...come to think of it, I get excited at anything holiday related.

Sadly...I think that all the blogs I follow have been tagged already...I will think of some and then post them...or make some people (my sis, Melody) create blogs. :) Or maybe come up with new tag questions.

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