Tuesday, November 11, 2008

advent calendars.

i love advent calendars. i am not sure why, since the ones i got when i was a kid had this nasty chocolate in them....yick, but i guess it was still chocolate. i found these on poppytalk

the one above is actually from target.

p.s. i found this really pretty garland at michaels. its golden and sparkly, check it out. (hard to see here, but i'm sure plenty of you will make it to michaels this holiday season).

oh! and p.p.s. blackberry junction starts this friday at the fairmount grant on north albany road.


Miss Anne said...

That's it.
I'm making/sewing an advent calendar this weekend.
keep your eyes peeled!


Kambria said...

love the little white muslin bags.....i'm stealing it.