Monday, November 10, 2008

thank you kambria!

Today I was the lucky recipient of Kambria's giveaway. She always does such a fantastic job!
a fantastically adorable candy cane, a vintage tray and a flannel baby logger shirt (i die).
i am now even more determined to have a baby boy soon.Thank you Kambria!! You are so thoughtful!


Miss Anne said...

lucky duck! what a fun gift! :)
hope you are feeling better!

Kambria said... are so welcome. i couldn't pass up the little handmade logger shirt.....i think it would look just as cute on your little girl!

Missy said...

please have a baby that we can all enjoy!!

Jessie said...

I want one!!

Thanks Anne, I am starting to feel better. Still some headache, but it's been nice to just be still. I couldn't help my sister though :(

Susanne P. said...

that shirt is so cute. i agree with kambria. it would be great on a girl as well. put a pink turtlneck under it and you are good to go!