Monday, November 10, 2008

the graphic designer in me is freaking out.

*sigh...i want to make stuff like this all day long.
(i found on hostess with the mostess)


Miss Anne said...

omg that's RIGHT you are a graphic artist!!!

wanna help me design our "save the dates"?


Jessie said...

I would love to! You tell me what you like and I will cook something up...and I can take it if you don't like it :). I just finished my friend's wedding package. I've done 2 in the last year...
waiting to do mine!! :)

Miss Anne said...

omg serial??

email me tomorrow. i wanna get these made/sent!

you're amazing!

Jessie said...

just email me a couple looks you like? Or at least the text and dates and I can mock something up.

Jessie said...

oh home computer (with the graphics programs) is broke, but should be fixed in a couple days. It's hard to get anything done fast while I can't work on it at home. I have the same programs at work, but its not like I can just play on that all day :) I wish!

Miss Anne said...

I'll email you nowish!

(what's your email again??).. *i'll check your blog to see if it's posted there*

x to the O!