Saturday, November 15, 2008

chipboard rocks.

i am so excited to start this project.
(come to think of it, i better get crackin' on the stitching and the stockings too!)
last year i moved out of a house my sister and i shared and well, took the ornaments with me (they were mine of course, i didn't just take them!)
we both absolutely love the Season at Cannon Falls Glitter ornaments, so i'm going to make her a bunch for her tree...with her help of course!

i have made this 3-d star mom has it on one of her trees.

i actually dreamed the one up the other day...i must have seen it last year and totally stored it in my memory bank.

With some chipboard, good scissors, xacto knife, glue and some antique silver glitter we will be on our way to a fabulously sparkly (and inexpensive) tree.
Creative Crafts in Corvallis is the only place that I found chipboard. $1.15 for an approx. 18x20 piece. And Martha Stewart Crafts (found at Michael's) has a fantastic variety of glitter...looks like glass glitter! it was all 30% off today.
I will post pics of her tree when it's up.


Susanne P. said...

martha stewart has some pretty cool craft/scrappin' supplies these days. it's resonably priced as well.

def. post pics of what you made.

Miss Anne said...

um, i'm just waitin' on the "go ahead" from you to get craftin' one night. ;)

i LOVE me some glass glitter.

we should totally get together and get down on some glitter!