Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween events.

My Halloween kicked off on Thursday night with a pumpkin carving get together at my dear friend Noelle's house. Her sister, mom, dad and nephew (2 yrs!) were there. I have known Noelle since kindergarten, so it feels like going over to my own families house to carve fun.
This is Noelle...working hard on her second pumpkin of the night!

This is my first pumpkin...It was HARD...have you ever had to try to carve whiskers?! It's amazing they didn't get chopped off! My 2nd pumpkin was the traditional triangle eyes, nose and the gap-toothed grin.
On Halloween I was getting ready to go see my parents and Craig got home at 2! :) We got on our Halloween get-ups and stopped by to see his mom first...since they are just up the driveway. :) She couldn't stop laughing at his surfer-dude wig and later told Craig I looked like I could be in a vampire movie. I used a bluish grey face makeup and looked pretty dead...but a tip...that face makeup...never dries!! I don't have a good picture of Craig in his wig, but I will try to get one and post it. I opted for jeans for this costume, but the tutu is still here...maybe tonight when we hit a Halloween party...but secretly, I just want to go to the craft store and get stuff to play with...oh, and read Twilight! <---I die.


Susanne P. said...

oh i know, having the art of carving pumpkins like that sometimes feels like a curse. everyone wants to watch you work....have you every gotten that?

love the make-up. you look fierce!

Kambria said...

love the blood red smoochy lips!

Miss Anne said...


Please spill the beans as to the lipstick of choice.

p.p.s craft night soon?

Jessie said...

lipstick is actually blacktrack eyeliner and red face paint. I can't find my MAC red lipstick that does not come off!!! I AM DEVASTATED! Craft Night soon for sure!

Missy said...

Pumpkin, awesome. Frosting, awesome. Your costume, awesome. How does it feel to be so awesome?
I want to come to crafty-night too!!