Wednesday, November 5, 2008

putting it out there.

OK local gals...
Craft Night/Day....

How about everyone leaves some comments here on what days work for them and we will get something moving! I think it's the perfect time of year to pick the brains of fellow crafties.
I would love to offer my space, but I don't have a good spot at home. :( I just want to get the conversation going. :)


Miss Anne said...

I'm kinda up for whenever... just need a heads up.

I can either

a) host at my house... kinda small, but we could swing it!

b) host at my community room... only issue with this is that it can't go past 8pm as that's when it closes... but this offers huge space, music, kitchen, etc

c) go to someone elses' hosted par-tay!

Just keep a girl in the know, k?

Cardas Photography said...

Can any random blog reader come and play? ;)

Susanne P. said...

of course you can angela!

as for me, you guys plan it and i will be there if i can. danea called me last night and her hubby was on the computer using some of their frequent-flyer miles to book me a ticket down there in the next couple weeks and i will be there for a week.

so plan it, and if i am here i will be there.