Friday, November 28, 2008

O Christmas Tree.

The best part of Christmas decorations (by my call and by far) is the tree.
So some quick tree tips...(but the biggest tip of all is have fun and enjoy)

Number 1...You can't have enough lights!
Now, I don't care if you are into colored or white lights...doesn't matter, what matters is the quantity. So it takes me FOREVER to put lights on my tree. The best I have found is winding the lights around each branch (and even the trunk with the lights). The general rule is 100 lights per foot of tree (6 foot tree, 600 lights). I say this is definately the minimum. :) Just make sure that you check your lights and find out how many strings can be put together! And don't be afraid to mix and match lights! :)

Number 2...Make a fresh cut in your tree before you put it in water!
Ok, so this should be number one...and most of you do this, I am sure, but just in case :)
Number 3...Hang your ornaments at different depths.
Hang larger ball style ornaments closer to the trunk on your tree. This creates more visual interest and depth.
Number 4...Use green ornament hangers.
By using green you can conceal the hook part of your ornament...(obviously if you use a non-green tree choose your wire color from there). When I hang my ornaments I wrap the wire up tight against my branch so you can't see any of it hanging and it makes the ornament more secure in case you have animals or little ones running around.

Number 6...Garland.
Add garland, ribbon, sprays of glittered whatevers to make your tree sparkle. Make sure you put this on before the ornaments. Beads look best swagged around the tree while ribbon looks best if its wrapped.
Number 5...Ornaments.
When picking ornaments try to stick with a theme; either color, style...some sort of commonality. Have fun with it...start a collection...a new ornament every year. But most importantly...if you like it, it's perfect!

Really, none of this matters...the tree is what you want it to be...make it you!


Miss Anne said...

Was great to see you today! Love your sister's store! :)


Kambria said...

put up tree #1 tonight and changed out the shades on my chandelier.....i have to do a little at a time or i get burned out. it's been a long day. our family tree will be tomorrow.....or sunday....depending on what time the civil war gets over tomorrow. i bought a new camera....i will try and take some pictures and post.