Monday, November 10, 2008

my evening.

As you can see *from a couple posts ago* I haven't been feeling well today. I have been getting headaches more frequently and it is driving me nuts. I also am kind of a baby...I hate not feeling good.
I was going to help my sister with her shop tonight, but I just needed to come home. That actually seemed like the best medicine. I still feel a little punky, but much better.
I decided to make a list.
Since Craig is going to be gone, I decided I needed to come up with things to occupy myself and that I'd get excited about accomplishing while he is gone.
A lot of it will cost money, but hopefully I can be creative (or put my Ikea gift card to good use).

My List...
1. Clean & Organize; recycling closet, pantry, dvds, cds
2. Find storage for said dvds & cds
3. Find something to store Craig's memories in (Football awards, clippings...those awesome buttons that the Booster Clubs make)
4. PAINT...lamp by door, the table the lamp is on, 2nd bedroom, our bedroom & a couple walls in the living room (don't really feel like doing the long wall down the hallway).
5. Get a new dresser (ours is busting at the seams)
6. Pick up some more Martha Stewart curtains to finish the office.
7. Curtains for living room, 2nd bedroom and our bedroom.
8. Finish logging pictures.
9. Hang shelf.
10. Pick a photo to print at Costco (12x12 size)
11. Find a small cozy dining table (that I can also craft on)
12. Find a small side table for the printer.
13. Slip cover for couch no. 2.
14. New comforter for 2nd bedroom (and for ours...but I am way more picky about that one).
(the logging 1 Craig and the truck, no. 2 my dad rigging (in the 70s), no. 3 will be Craig's dad when he was in his 20s)

I will be busy. I want to get a good amount of this done in the next couple weeks...I want perfection when I put up the Christmas tree.

p.s. if you see anything super cute for my list...let me know...I love your style! :)


Miss Anne said...

great list!

i'm down for an ikea trip when you are!

Jessie said...

it will be planned...i have ideas. :) and the catalog. :)