Friday, October 10, 2008

day for me.

*sigh* Took today off. I am looking forward to a day all about me. It hasn't happened for awhile. So far, woke up with the kitty sleeping at the end of my bed (she's still there), moved some laundry around and have had a healthy whole wheat english muffin. The house is warm, but the windows are cold and a little fogged up. The prairie grass is starting to turn green and it smells like plans:

  • Getting my hair done at 10 by the fabulous Missy! (sorry's pretty darned grown out)
  • Stopping by Fred Meyer to pick up some mini-pumkins

  • Heading to Salem to hit Nordstrom and a few other of my favorites. Maybe even get a little bit of Christmas shopping done!

  • Visit the Craft Warehouse to get a few things for those mini pumpkins

  • Go home the Kings Valley Highway way (beautiful...and no traffic!) :)

  • Arriving at my humble, yet no place I'd rather be home, Craig should be there by then

  • Cleaning up the house a bit, finishing laundry, packing for the coast

  • Make a modest dinner (WeightWatchers weigh-in wasn't ideal this time. No weight gain though!...just minimal lost, can't complain. Just want to make more of this extra Jessie disappear)
I am so happy, I haven't had a day to do whatever I want in a long time!
*aww...Craig just stopped by to give me a kiss (he leaves for work at like 4) *sigh* I so love him.


Kambria said...

you couldn't have picked a better day to have is so chilly outside and i'm sure nice and cozy in your house. have fun getting your hair done and being crafty. you should buy pumpkins, put round sticker labels on them and spray paint them black and peel the stickers off. instant orange polka dots! or spray them all with chalk board paint and draw halloweeny faces on them with chalk. have fun today friend and enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Missy said...

I really enjoyed our visit today. I hope the rest of your day went as planned because you looked HOT! I hope you spent way too much on MAC makeup and bought more pumpkins than you needed! Can't wait to see your next post with the crafts.

Miss Anne said...

what a fun day off!!!

and you are local too!!?!?! i didnt know that!

me, you, kambria, missy and susanne need to get together! :)

love me some nordy's and craftwarehouse!