Monday, October 20, 2008


This is my friend Melody! She has been living in Pittsburgh for the past year to earn her Bachelor's in nursing. She has moved back (is in the Dalles area now) and will be moving to Portland pretty soon. She's getting married in January at the Sunriver Resort to her high school sweetheart (Chris rocks!). Anyhow, she is probably coming down for Halloween and I am so excited. It's so much more fun to get all dressed up with a girlfriend (and have a few cocktails beforehand.)
The Chubby Bunny contest...yup there is a pic of me doing the same, but like I'm gonna post it! :)
Good Times.
p.s. If anyone has a good idea for a semi-sexy (not slutty) Halloween Costume give me some advice!! I am lost! :)

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Mrs Anne said...

Yay for besties! (double yay for chubbybunny contests!)

ya'll are adorable!

as for a costume idea... i'm thinkin' a naughty secretary. You know, bun, glasses, pencil in your hair, skirt, garter, the whole bit.

Just my $.02.