Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I cannot wait until mid-November!!! This is when I allow myself to start decorating for the Christmas Season.
I am absolutely loosing my mind in looking forward to Christmas this year. Halloween decor didn't happen too much, but I've got boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments and all that good stuff. (Craig doesn't know what's coming!)
I think between now and mid-November I will start concentrating on Christmas gifts for family. I would like to handmake things, buuuuuutt....I am a planner and need to improve on being a do-er.

Love this from Pottery Barn...

I am way into trees...um, makes sense since my daddy and someday baby daddy are mountain men. So...if you see any awesome tree decor around SPEAK UP! and let me know :) We have a big fir tree in the back field (I can't really call it a yard) and I really want to put Christmas light on it...Craig will truly think I have lost it. :)
(Yay! Only 1 1/2 more days of work this week!...that's right Kam...took Thursday off too)


Miss Anne said...

I love the PB calendar idea.

Girl, let's put some plans on the book to make stuff... i'm ALL about it!

And the fact you get Thurs and Fri off? I'm J to the EALOUS!

hope today is great for you

Miss Anne said...

I am more than happy to host (I have a community room I can rent for free) and it's HUGE!

What's yours and Kam's e-me's?

p.s. texted u last night, you get it?