Thursday, October 16, 2008


So yes, I am a degree toting "artist." And as part of my Art Degree I chose printmaking as one of my emphasis'. Printmaking was so fabulous; we learned intaglio (etching into zinc...well, we used zinc), non-toxic lithography, relief and screenprinting.
Screenprinting was probably one of my favorites because you really don't need an expensive press to make it happy. You can make wearable art, can print on pretty much anything that can be laid out flat.
I still have my old screen, squeegee and some inks and I hope to create a mini-studio in our spare bedroom. I have been feeling pretty down lately (not even sure why), but I feel like if I have a space to create I will be much more content.
So, now the big project begins of cleaning out the room. It's pretty packed and has been full of storage, but I think I can make it happen.

I can't wait to do this...these pics reminded me of how much fun I had!
Gosh it creates a mondo-mess!

I would love to have a spot like this...but even with some more style!

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Miss Anne said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting!!!
I can't wait to see what you make!