Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i feel pretty.

Some of you may know of my search for the perfect false eyelashes. My search has come to a hault because our plans have been wobbly...but none the less...the perfect lash search continues...

i die.
shutting it down.
These are more like everyday ones...yup, I'm gonna rock it with my lashes and sweatshirts! Penelope you are stunning!

So I was going to post tips on how to apply the lashes, but way to can check out this link instead.


Miss Anne said...

i heart falsies.

true story: once, i couldn't get the glue to stick for the life of me... so guess what a crafty girl like me used???

................. modgepodge.

yep, i did. it hurt like hell to take off, but those suckers stuck allllllll night. :)

i think at our craft day we should all do facials/makeovers also! (we might need to extend this into a slumber party/makeover/craft weekend)... just saying.


Miss Anne said...

p.s. i wanna be added to your bloglist. just a request :) ya know, since i'm in the club now.

Susanne P. said...

i love the polka dot ones. and the girl on the right in the top pic has some cool ones as well.