Sunday, October 26, 2008

you're only cool if you have one.

so...for those of you that want to be in the tutu club...follow this link.


Missy said...

I want to be in the club. i'm going to this link right now.

Jessie said...

I think we need to have a tutu party!

Miss Anne said...

I MUST be in this club!

I wouldn't even mind owning MULTIPLES of these.

:) I'm bribing Kambria to make me one by doing a trade with one of my canvases... You wanna do one too!?!?

:) Seriously was so fun to have met you! You are so pretty!!! Can't wait to see pics of you from Halloween!!! ;)

Susanne P. said...

i love the one shown on the directions page. it is so sweet.

so what are we doing with these? anne? bailey isn't little so she doesn't need one and cj?? don't think so.