Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ok that's it!

I've had it! I must get my Halloween decoration moving before it's gone! My home is too bare! So I've decided to post some seasonal inspiration to get me in the mood. ;)I actually have the cookie cutters from this sis gave them to me for Christmas :)

So cute!

Kam - This was the idea I wanted to go for the Board's treat bags (sans the toothpick) :) ...if I only had all the time in the world.

Gotta love the skull stickers!

These little sillouettes would creep Craig out...major. :)

I got most of these images off of site!!


Kambria said...

i didn't know you could pull pictures off of all of your halloween should have taken pictures of your cute bags for the board and posted them....such a cute and thoughtful idea.

Miss Anne said...

I love all of that! I think alot of it is Martha, isn't it??

Regardless, I love how festive it all is.

:) thanks for collaborating it and sharing it with us!


Jessie said...

Yup...I think a lot of it is Martha...I have seen it before. I didn't realize how much Martha I was putting in that post! :)

Carlee said...

Every thing is looking fabulous..! Tons of Halloween decoration ideas are here. Thanks..!