Thursday, October 30, 2008


I went to bed last night at 5:45. On my way home my little headache turned into something much more and made me nauseous and just miserable. It was work-out day (because we had been lazy the day before) and I simply couldn't do it. Craig gave me some meds and I fell asleep by 6 or a rock. I woke up about 10 when he came to bed, got up, ate a nutrigrain bar, but was still dizzy with sleepiness and went back to bed and slept until now.
Good news...headache is gone. I'm a little sore from sleeping so long, but that will pass.
One of my favorite blessings from God is where I live. I went outside to my car (thought my phone was out there...wrong) and it had that smell of the outdoors, early morning after it had rained just lightly. I wish I could bottle the smell for you. It almost smells like a Christmas candle.
I feel so at home here.
I kinda of hope that it will rain and keep this early morning light the same. It's so cozy inside my little shack. Well, I am going to get off of here, light some candles, do some housework and try to get a hold of my sister.
(I tried to take a picture of outside right now, but alas...I left my camera on and it's dead) So I will leave you this instead......the closest picture I could find that looks like where I live, but is not where I live :)


{marie} said...

i am so happy for you that you are in your little cozy cocoon for four whole days! heaven. i love that smell reminds me of camping when i was a little girl. it will be so quiet around here all day. who will i yell random stuff to?

Weeksie50 said...

I can't wait to see the actual picture of where you live..because that picture is beautiful. I would love to live somewhere with a view like that..

Mrs Anne said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! AND to have such a beautiful morning on your day off?? How nice!

:) What will you do with yourself for these days off??

:) Hope to see Halloween pics too!


Susanne P. said...

4 days to enjoy. wonderful! truly enjoying where you live is the best.

the first few rains are the best.

LOVE the kitty pic. is he yours?

Jessie Brown said...

I wish he was mine, but no, just found him cute!