Thursday, October 23, 2008

some fun stuff.

(i die...i need this skull necklace!!)

I did a little etsy browsing today...I found some fabulously fun treats...


Miss Anne said...

i heart those gloves x infinity (*beat missy*)

you MUST join on Sunday. nix Bend. this is QUALITY GIRL TIME!


Susanne P. said...

i was just going to post that i love love love those gloves!

girl, when you post pics you gotta' post links!! i was fixin' to head over to etsy and realized i didn't know where i was going! LOL

i love the tutu.

Jessie said...

Oh yes...I totally was thinking about the links, but thought about it too late to find. I will find the link for the gloves :)

Missy said...

I want the gloves. We all need to get matchy ones (I die)